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I am going to re-tile the floor in my bathroom. Years back, someone “fixed” it with those cheap stick-on floor tiles. Now they’re peeling and broken; the whole thing just looks terrible.

I’m not in a position to hire someone to fix my floor for me, though. It’s expensive, and with the current health crisis, I don’t want strangers working in my house. That’s why I started looking up places that had information on how I could do the tiling myself. That way, once I price out the cost of the equipment and materials, I know the total cost of the work, instead of getting an estimate from a professional. That’ll allow me to do better budgeting.

I found Carl the tiler and I can’t imagine a better resource. They have all kinds of guided tutorials, from how to use various tools to what kinds of products to buy and even how to clean grout and tile. Plus, there are equipment and product reviews.

Carl the tiler

I haven’t bought too many tools for myself before, so the tool reviews are especially helpful. They are a good guide to figuring out which tools are worth my money, which are cheap and will break, and which are more expensive and fancier than I’m going to need for a single job.

The different guides are so interesting that I’m inspired to do even more tile work at my house! I’m considering replacing my kitchen backsplash once I’m done with the bathroom. I’ll have the tools, the supplies, and the know-how to install tile by then, so why not?

When my friends ask why I’m so confident that I can complete this work myself, I just point them towards the easy and straightforward how-tos on Tilersplace. I think some of my friends are going to start using those guides as well. It might be a home improvement revolution in my neighborhood.