Vicki Nixon, IFBB Pro Athlete
I was born in Memphis, Tn. and moved to Va. when I was 5 yrs. old. When I was 15 we moved to Wilmington, De. where I spent most of my life until I met my husband who is a police officer in NJ and also a competative bodybuilder. I started lifting in 1984 looking for direction and something to sink my teeth into. I was hooked! I did my first contest in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1985 and continued from there winning numerous overall titles. In 1992 I went to the Nationals & Jr. Nations where I placed in the top 5 at the Jr's and 12th at the nationals. I became ill in 1996 (diagnosed with liver disease) and was on medication that made me very sick, weak and unable to compete. Finally in "2001" I decided to give it another try even though I was still pretty ill.

My Husband

I won 3 more contests that year. After all those contests, I fell ill again and went back on medication to try and put my disease in remission... 1 year later I succeeded (so far)! I was ready to give it one more shot! In "2004" I have competed in 4 contests, where I won first place as well as the overall in 3 out of the 4. My last contest (the Team Universe held in NY on August 7, 2004) was my "LUCKY" show, I won my class and the overall which entitles me to go to Spain and compete in the World's competetion in September where I will respresent the USA in the lightweight division. So after 20 years of bodybuilding my "Journey has just begun!" This overall placing (from the Team U) also qualifies me to get my "Pro Card!"

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