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Hi everyone, its seems as if it was just yesterday that I did my 2009 News update and here it is May 2010 already! So much has happened this year in a short time, we put our house on the market in March knowing that we move to Florida in Oct when my hubby retires from the PD here in NJ...and we sold it in less than 2 weeks! We went ahead and moved into an apt right away so that we didn't have to rush things with the move ect, we are supposed to close on the house any day now, there is a slight delay and we are praying that it goes through without any trouble. The apt where we moved to is nice and big and has a great big balcony which I Love to sit on with the doggies and my hubby and watch things going on around us. The complex also has a pool which is a BIG plus for me, because I LOVE sun bathing and a nice cool water hole to cool off in!

I have been able to get back into a pretty good lifting program since my accident back in Dec 2008 when I was out of the gym for several months due to my injuries...but I began to rehab in the gym which was the greatest thing for me! I also was blessed to have met a great PT who really helped me gain some range of motion back in my neck..thank God! She's an Angel for sure! I will always have to get PT for my neck and back but for the most part things are much better! As a matter of fact...I have some EXCITING NEWS coming in the near future...and if you follow my journal/blogs you will know what and when its happening!I cant wait to tell you, but for now its a BIG SURPRISE! Once the cat of out of the bag so to speak I will be updating my gallery in my Members site with TONS of new pics!! Those pics Will show you what I have been up to!

Well my friends Oct will be here before you know it and my life in NJ will be over forever...I came here in 1995 and have met some really awesome people here over the years! The ones I will miss the most have an open invite to our Florida home anytime! Right now we do plan on coming back once a year to hang out with our friends and catch up.

In the mean time...I have BIG GOALS in place and tons to do before the move to keep me busy, we are working with a few clients now who are preparing for shows and love helping them get there, thats what we want to do the most in Florida, train clients of all ages for contests and continue to hold posing practices each week for as long as we are able. I have also had the pleasure of working with my local firefighters at the firehouse where I have been a member & firefighter myself since 1996, what a Great group of guys and girls! I started as their fitness trainer/consultant 2 yrs ago and will continue to be there for them as much as I can till our move. I will miss Pennsville Station Five members in a BIG WAY!

I promise to keep you posted on my 2010 progress and the move ect...just join my bravenet email group and I send out updates from time to time or check out my Journal throughout the year as well. I hope you all have a blessed heathly happy 2010!!

Love & Prayers,

Vicki Nixon IFBB Pro

VICKI PLACES 7th at Pro Debut
With Trainer Kim Oddo and IFBB Pro Betty Pariso
  Vicki with Figure Competitor

Vicki with Friend and Figure Competitor    

On August 7th of this year I competed in NY at the Team Universe as a lightweight 114lbs. I was there to have fun and do my best. As fate has it I took the OVERALL title which earned me the IFBB pro card. Read more.

I was invited to represent the USA against Spain to compete at the IFBB World’s Amateur. Our 5 day stay in Spain was one to always remember. The girls from the USA were so suportive of each other. Read more.

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