NPC 2004 Team Universe
Women Bodybuilding Results
August 7, 2004 in New York.

Vicki Nixon Wins First Place and Overall
Vicki Nixon, 43, of Pennsville, N.J., is in her 20th year as a competitive bodybuilder, and she wants people to realize that they can do what she's doing. It's an example for other women out there, especially at my age, that you can be fit," she said. "And looking good, and feeling good."

(1) Vicki Nixon, (2) Genoveva Esquivel, (3) Kristin Martin, (4) Laura Wing, (5) Marion Gregory, (6) Karen Geninatti, (7) Renee Sailpante

(1) Debbie Patton, (2) Tammy Flynn, (3) Lee Ann Scelfo, (4) Janelle Briggs, (5) Cassandra Floyd (6) Shondra Haywood, (7) Patricia Smith, (8) Pam Hosack, (9) Somayra Hernandez Diaz

(1) Colette Nelson, (2) Stephanie Ann Kessler, (3) Carolyn Bryant ,(4) Michelle Ivers, (5) Eleanor McBride, (6) Rhonda Dethlefs, (7) Fie Ottosen, (8) Kirsten Haug, (9) Patty Philpot, (10) Terri Boodie, (11) Debbie Fangman


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